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Consignor FAQ Page

What exactly does consignment mean?
Consignment means that we sell your items for you in exchange for a percentage of your sales and a small fee.  Seasonal consignment sales are a great way of making more money on items you want to sell than yard sales, online auctions and local consignment stores.

What items can be consigned?


Children's and maternity clothing.  Infant and Child Accessories including hats/gloves, hair bows, sleepers, socks, belts/ties, etc…  Nursery/Feeding supplies, bottles, diaper bags blankets, crib sheets.  Diaper pails, potty chairs, bath seats, guardrails, high chairs, etc.  Toys, Books, Videos - toys must be in working order with all pieces attached.  Please work puzzles prior to check in to make sure all pieces are there.  It's a good idea to include batteries so potential buyers know it works.  Please make sure the video or DVD inside the case is the same as the cover outside.


Strollers, walkers, bouncy seats, high chairs, exersaucers, cribs, toddler beds, bassinets, mattresses, changing tables.  Bicycles must have a kickstand or training wheels attached.  Secure any accompanying small parts in a Ziploc bag.  We will not accept broken equipment or equipment with missing parts.  Car seats under 5 years old and/or not past the manufacturer's expiration dates.  Car seats must never have been in an accident.  We are not responsible for car seat safety.

Why do you have such a strict quality policy?

Our patrons expect high-quality, stylish, gently used items in excellent condition at reasonable prices. Torn, stained and old items are not acceptable.  We may reject some of your items; please don't be offended.  It's very important to maintain the integrity and high quality of the sale.  People come to shop because they know to expect high quality items.

What percentage of the selling price will I get?

Sellers receive 70 percent of each item's selling price.  You also pay a $10 consignor fee that is taken out of your proceeds.

When will you send my money?

We mail checks within a few days of the sale's end.

Do I need to attend the sale?

You do not need to be there to sell your items.  You will select a drop off day and time before the sale starts.  However, we would love for you to be involved as much as possible.  There are lots of opportunities to come and help out during the sale.  This volunteering will also allow you to be able to come and shop at the Early Bird Sale on Wednesday from 4-7pm.

Will you return my hangers?

All clothing items must be places on hangers according to our directions (see below).  You can go to Old Navy, Walmart, and the dollar stores and ask for hangers if you need them.  Most of these businesses will donate their plastic hangers.  We do sometimes have some hangers available prior to the sale.  They are available on first come first served basis.  When someone buys your items, we usually don't remove the hangers; thus we can't return them to you.

How will I know which items sold?

Our website will allow you to track each item as sold, unsold or donated. You can even log-in each night to see what items sold at the sale that day.

All About Tagging

How do I tag my items?

ALL items must be tagged using our website. Each tag will print with a barcode on it, which we will scan at checkout. Please use cardstock when printing your tags.  The system is very easy to use and makes the entire sale process go much faster. We CANNOT accept handwritten tags. 
The system you will use to enter your items is very user friendly.  However, if you have questions, please email us.  Consignors must tag and price all of their own items. Have fun entering your items (this can be done at your convenience - it does not have to all be done at one time or in any particular order). 
In the inventory system, you can start and stop entering your items as many times as you like.  To get back to your inventory, you will simply log onto the inventory through the consignor links on our website (  All you need is your consignor number and password.
Your tags will print 6 per page.  You will cut them out and attach them to your items according to directions listed below.  We also recommend using white cardstock to print your tags on.  This cuts down on lost tags.  The items will be looked through and moved around and when the tag is not secure or not strong enough, it will fall off.  Sometimes we are able to find the item to its lost tag, but with over 10,000 items this can sometimes be difficult.  If we cannot find a tag for an item, we CAN NOT sell it and sometimes we cannot even find who it belonged to.  Please make sure you secure your tags well and use cardstock to help prevent this from happening.

How long do I have to get my items tagged?
Be sure to note that all items must be entered into the system and tags printed by 10pm the Tuesday before the sale begins. That means no substitutions or additions after this time!

Can I hand-write my tags?
We CAN NOT accept handwritten tags.  We have over 60 Consignors and hundreds of people who come and shop.  It would be impossible to keep track of all of the inventory and sales without the barcoding system.  The barcode tagging system also makes our tags easy to read and more uniform for our buyers.

Tagging Instructions and Helpful Tips for Tagging and Drop Off

Instructions on how to prepare items are listed below. We greatly appreciate your detailed attention as you prepare your items to help our sale run smooth! If you cannot tag your own items, give us a call and we may be able to help you.

·Do not price anything less than fifty cents.

·Price competitively - ask yourself what you would pay for the item. A good guide is 1/3 the new price for best condition, 1/4 the new price for fair condition.
Clothing and Shoes

·All clothing must be on hangers with the hanger open to the left - resembling a question mark.

·Pin tags to the front, left shoulder of the garment with a safety pin.
·Do NOT use straight pins or staples.
·Please punch ONE hole under the Pin tag here line on your tag and attach the tag with ONE safety pin (pinned vertically) to your clothing item.
·If selling more than one item together on two hangers, please tightly rubber band the two hangers together so they will not come apart.

·We allow no more than two hangers per item number (tag).

·Remember to button, zip, tie, etc…each article of clothing that you submit.

·Items do not need to be in size order before entering in the inventory system, but it might make the process easier, since the items must be in size and gender order when you check in your items at the sale.

·When preparing your items to bring to check in, please order as follows: boys' clothing first, starting with the smallest size working up, with items in consecutive order. Do the same for girls, then nursery items, toys, etc. Items should be placed in order to make the check-in process go smoothly.

·We RECOMMEND ironing clothing items; you could also use Downy Wrinkle Releaser to make clothing look its best. Neat and clean items sell better!  We REQUIRE items to be stain free.  You can remove any stains with Tide or Oxyclean stain pens, but we WILL NOT accept stained items at drop off.

·Place shoes in a Ziploc bag and seal shut with clear packing tape. You can tape your tag to the outside of the bag.

Everything Else

·For books, puzzles, games, videos, and DVDs, prevent the package from tearing by wrapping items in Saran Wrap or place in a Ziploc bag before taping the tag to the item.

·Place toys with small parts in Ziploc bags, tape shut and then securely tape to the item they accompany.

·Use clear, see through bags. Ziploc makes super-size bags now and they are super easy to use.

·Please make sure that items are securely tagged, but make sure we can easily remove them for check-out.

·Hannah’s Hearts is not responsible for unsold items due to lost tags.

·Hannah’s Heart is not responsible for losses or damages.